Each of us has been touched, at one point in our lives, by leadership. Perhaps we were mesmerized by someone’s vision and charisma, or conversely, damaged by the guidance of someone who led us astray.

In this edition we explore the complexities, challenges and myths that surround leadership, and ask the ultimate question: what makes an Inspired Leader?

Is it someone who shines down from above, naturally blessed with superstar qualities? Or is it someone more quiet, humble and less glorified? Is it an innate gift, or can it be acquired with hard work over time? How does culture inform our understanding of what makes a great leader?

To answer these questions, we have compiled a diverse selection of images, articles and interviews that examine leadership from many perspectives.

Ultimately, we hope this will inspire you to question what it means to be a leader and perhaps discover your own call to lead.

We hope that you enjoy our issue.

By Janet Nicol and the Inspired Bali team


Janet Nicol is the creator of Inspired Bali. A lover of yoga, art, food, culture, spirituality and nomads she created Inspired Bali to share and explore Bali from the inside, out.  Janet is a 500 hour certified yoga instructor through Yoga Alliance and leads yoga retreats and teacher trainings. www.janetnicol.com

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