The theme of this issue is Gratitude.

Here we are in Bali, one of the most magical places in the world. You may be reading this on a comfy couch waiting for a spa treatment, rehydrating after a yoga class, or lounging in a hotel, villa, or cafe. You may be a traveller, an expat, or a local. Regardless, we all share a passion for Bali, and are here to explore the abundant opportunities available to us.

But how can we take things a little further and ensure we are grateful for all that surrounds us?

What happens when we lose perspective and begin to take things for granted? When we only see the negative, and our energy is used up complaining about garbage and traffic? How do we accept the reality of some of the systemic problems Bali faces, and also remain authentically grateful for what we have here? Many of us have more than enough to live a fulfilled life, and yet somehow we often forget to take the time to give thanks.

When was the last time you stopped to consider what you’re grateful for? How do you express gratitude in your own life? In this issue we’ve brought together a number of talented artists to explore these questions of gratitude and how it shows up in Bali. From an academic look at scientific research in the field, to one woman’s journey to appreciate Kirtan, and for the potential for dreams to transform oneself, we hope these stories inspire our readers.

Sit back, get comfortable and give thanks. It’s good for you, for your health, for your community and for all of us. This publication would not be possible if it was not for a number of people who have offered their expertise, time and enthusiasm. Firstly, Meredith Lewis for the tremendous honesty, faith and sense of adventure she brings to each and every project she’s involved with. Secondly, our editors. They’ve set high editorial standards for this magazine, and it shows. Thank you Kelly Damas, Rachel Glitz and Jamie Woodall! You are a dynamic trio who combed through each word, each paragraph, each article ensuring everything was clear, accurate and authentic. Also of note is Arik Bintang, who joined us between his busy schedule as a filmmaker and heroically endured the multiple changes to the design we requested. His patience is to be commended and his talent celebrated.

Lastly, this publication would not exist without the drive and desire of the many who have contributed: thank you writers and photographers. Let these pages be a place for you to express, explore and share your passions, ideas and insights.

In Gratitude

Janet Nicol and the Inspired Bali team



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