Top picks by Risyiana Muthia

Top picks by Risyiana Muthia

1. The backseat of my partner’s bike. We like to do random trips on a motorbike, riding on small roads we’ve never been, taking odd, random turns that take us to unexpected places. Bali is full of those!

2. Hubud A salad bowl of smart, interesting professionals from all around the world, Hubud is a coworking space in the heart of Ubud where people connect, cowork and collaborate. Writing my blog inside its bamboo cocoon building or at the backyard overlooking the rice field is super fun.

3. I am a sucker for Mediterranean food. I was actually quite surprised to find one in Ubud. Di Abing restaurant at Chapung Sebali resort serves a selection of Mediterranean food (mainly Greek) by the gorgeous gorge. Truly delicious! Plus, they make their own feta cheese.

4. Padang Galak beach in Sanur during Kite Festival. Hundreds (if not thousands) of colourful kites in the sky, some as big as a pickup truck. So festive, so beautiful, what’s not to love? It is held annually every mid-July, make sure not to miss it!

5. Sate Kakul at Jalan Singakerta, Ubud. It’s basically escargot satay in spicy bbq sauce, eaten with Ares (traditional banana leaves soup). So good and so good!

Risyiana Muthia is a Jakartan writer, living in Bali with his French-Canadian husband, a Hanoian ukulele, a Javanese goldfish and a Balinese puppy. 

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