Soh29: The epic

Soh29: The epic

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SOH29: The Epic is a collaborative project produced by Alex Vermeulen; Casting by Wayan Purwantu; Photography and light by Doddy Obenk; Photo compositions and montage by Alex Vermeulen; 3D graphics Czarnyrobert graphique3drepublika & Raphael Lacoste; Costumes by Rien Bekkers; Music by Mads Nordheim, Arne Nordheim and Alex Vermeulen; Styling by Karin Mathys; Translation by Kate Williams; iBook design by Susie Mendive; iBook application by Greg Easley, Freelabplays; Concept, written and directed by Alex Vermeulen; Documentairy: Peter Mariouw Smit; Project Advisors: Bruce Carpenter and Adriaan Palar.

The narrative takes place in 2088 in an imaginary Asian metropolis. Starring young Balinese children in a futuristic landscape, the story brings together gods, demons and avatars from the “Ramayana” with characters of Shakespeare’s “Othello”.  Love, hate, betrayal, jealousy and murder are the keywords in the newly written tale.

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Bekkers and Vermeulen will be releasing their multi-platform project in 2015 in Indonesia, Europe and the United States. The 15 photographs will be 2.5X1.5 metres printed directly on glossy acrylic plates and will be suspended in space. The artists will also be launching an interactive iBook supported by an original soundtrack.

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