Shanti Pockell

Shanti Pockell

1. Taking an overnight trip to Balian in north Bali. I love to camp on the beach there with friends, and there are also a lot of super cute hotels to stay at like Pondok Pitaya. It is perfect because you have a little bit of everything from surfing to beautiful nature walks to simply getting a massage on the beach.

2. Watching the sunset and having a picnic at the Bukit in Ubud. This spot is not very well known, but it is breathtaking and has an amazing view.

3. Eating the local Javanese Masakan Padang food found all over Bali. It is cheap, and easily one of my favorite meals found on the island.

4. Taking a batik class at Nirvana in Ubud. From sketching an initial design to actually making the batik, after one class from Nirvana yo are left with your very own batik that you made yourself!

5. Shopping at the Tabanan Market, otherwise known as Pasar Kodok. This place is full of amazing used clothing, and after after a few hours of shopping around you are sure to find some great new vintage clothes.

Shanti is a 16 year old from Mexico and California,  currently attend the High School at the Green School. She enjoys photography, writing, and traveling.

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