Renee Martnya

Renee Martyna talks too much. Most people put up with it because once in a while she says what other people want to, but can’t find the words for. Also, she has an appetite for the truth not unlike a ravenous feline in the barren plains of the Sahara.  That’s why people ask her to curate conversations that count—that is, to help mediate their conflicts, coach them through challenges, or bump their business up to the next level.

She likes that. Very much.

She was once an unsatisfied aid worker… an adviser to the UN on gender and human rights.  She liked the human part, just not the bureaucracy. So she turned to writing, recovery work, and group facilitation. She has learned most things the hard way and made a few mistakes along the way, most of them funny (now). She is happy to share them with Inspired Bali because she is inherently suspicious of people who pretend they haven’t.

She is a foodie who grew up on a grain farm, but is wildly intolerant to wheat. Even from early age she has sustained an interest in personal development, psychology and interspirituality, which really means she has a fiendish love of good prose, mystical poetry, and ideas that blow her brains out . (But no, she can’t locate your chakras).

Having lived and worked in 7 countries and traveled through 52 more, she feels more like a stateless person than a Canadian. Her kids were both born on the road, and her husband is perpetually in three time zones, so she is deeply curious about what it means to be Knowmad. This forms the basis of her research, writing and raison d’etre.

Renee is a Rotary ambassadorial scholar, holds a Bachelors degree in International Relations, and two Masters degrees—one in Middle East studies, the other in Conflict Transformation. She is a fellow of the School of Social Entrepreneurs in Australia and a heavy investor—emotional, and otherwise— in Hubud: a community co-working space in Bali, and its sister in the sky:

If you would like her to curate a conversation for you, please visit her passion project:  where you can learn how the art of conversation can help you curate the difference you want to see in your world.

Conversation curator, knowmad, mother of two third culture kids and wife of a serial social entrepreneur.





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